Digital printing

Digital latex

HP Latex 3000, ecological, odourless latex inks, 1200 dpi printing, roll substrates up to 320 cm width
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HP Latex 3000 it is a roll-to-roll printer exhibiting a photographic printing quality which is achieved with 10-picolitre drop of water-based latex inks. Such properties enable printing with the resolution of up to 1200 dpi. The maximum  width of the roll of substrate is 320 cm. Great printing results can be achieved on various types of materials including classic vinyl banner materials, flag and other textiles, foils, wallpapers and standard paper substrates. Substantially better material adhesion of the latex inks compared to UV-cured inks enables us to print on car-wrapping foils or elastic textiles. It is worth emphasizing that latex inks are completely odourless and do not emit any harmful substances, thus latex prints are approved for use in offices, lodgings, hospitals and kindergartens, which is confirmed by certificates from independent research institutes.

Digital UV

NUR Expedio 5000, UV cured inks, up to 720 dpi prints, roll to roll up to 500 cm.
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This printer enables us to make prints up to 5 m wide, with the length only limited to the dimension of the material roll. It is basically used to print on vinyl (PVC) substrates (frontlit, backlit, blockout, mesh), polyethylene and other fabrics, Parameters of print: 80 pl ink drop, resolution up to 720 dpi.
With NUR Expedio we print all kind of banners: frontlights, backlights, blockouts, mesh banners.

Digital solvent

HP Scitex Vision TurboJet, 6 colours solvent inks, 336 dpi prints, Max printing area 160 x 360 cm
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Our fastest drum printer designed for prints on papers and foils using special solvent inks. Maximum print area is 160×360 cm. Our TurboJet production line is equipped with automatic on-line cutting Hoster-Fotoba XJOL/250/320 cutter, which optically recognizes the cut lines. We use Turbo Jet machine to print posters, billboards, citylights, and other prints on rolled foils or paper substrates.

Digital printing on rigid substrates

FujiFilm Acuity Advance HS, UV Flatbed 1440 dpi, Max size 250 x 305 cm, up to 48 mm thick
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Printing on rigid substrates with an almost photographic quality is ensured by our advanced flatbed printer Fuji Film printing on rigid materials (cardboard, PVC boards, foamex, glass,  acrylic glass, HIPS plates, plywood andwood-based panels, etc.), flexible substrates, and also on  ready-made flat objects up to 50 mm thick. The maximum printing area is 2,5×3,05m. Additionally, we are able to cut the prints to any requested 2D shape. With this printer we print advertising plates, exhibition graphics, POP and POS materials, diversified decoration items and also furniture.
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