Cutting, cutting by plotter, die cutting, welding, folding, eyeleting, laminating, packaging, packaging, labeling, gluing, finishing displays and stands.

We offer our clients comprehensive service, so apart from all the printing machines, we also have a postproduction department, where all the necessary finishing operations take place so that our client can get the final product, which we send to virtually any address you need. Numerous equipment units in our postproduction department enable us to effectively perform many types of operations on ready printouts. We use the following:
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Cutting plotter Infotec 1520

Any printed material, including solid plates can be cut to format or designed shape. For that we own an InfoTec 1520 curvilinear plotter (cutting all types of materials with either oscillating knife or an end mill).

Cutter machine

Eurocutter 2600D guillotine (up to 2,6m) is used to cut papers, cardboards and similar materials up to 2600mm long. Works in the line-up with paper jogger machine and Baumann MBS BSB10L paper feeder.

Dimensional electric saw

A Bernardo Classic 3200 dimensional saw is a very precise and effective tool in linear cutting, which is being performed by a set of two cutting disks.

Welding machine Fiab HF

is used to weld vinyl banners and finishing the edges using high frequency current. This technology allows to receive calls toughest fabrics vinyl. In one cycle we can weld banner up to 28 m. We often use it for special edge finishing of the banners, eg. welding in keder or creating tunnels in the given diameter.

Folding machine

Herzog+Heymann M7 folder used for fast and effective folding of printed sheets in the maximum dimension of 142×190 cm in the folding pattern of 3/1.

Laminating machine

Seal 62 laminating machine enables us to laminate productions with safety or decorative foil up to 161 cm wide.

Setting machine

Setmasters billboard set picker used for completing the billboard sheets in sets which makes gluing them easier.

Eyeleting machine

Eyeletter punches Jopevi used for automatic pressing metal or plastic eyelets put mainly on banners.

Die cutter

A die cutter in the format of 70x100cm, which enables us to cut the printouts to the ordered shape, which is performed by a set of specially prepared knives.

Fotoba cutter

Fotoba Hostert TJOL/250/320 cutter used in the line-up with the TurboJet printing machine to automatically cut paper prints to a given format.

Label printer

Linx label printer used to mark the productions with informative labels.


Półautomatyczna służy do naklejania zadrukowanego papieru lub kartonu na tekturę lita lub falistą.


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